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* Commission Rate

- Referrer get 10%

After registration at affiliate webpage, you will get an affiliate ID, which is a unique digital number. Then we offer marketing material like buttons, banners and text links so you can put to your website or emails with the affiliate ID, to drive traffic to YeeChat. The chat users follow your link and register new account (vip/plus/extreme) or upgrade membership at, all his consumption on within 2 years will bring 10% to you the referrer.

So what is called referrer? Two kinds, whether users register with your affiliate ID, or users simply register within your room, you become referrer.

Two technologies (cookies and query strings with session IDs) are utilized in our tracking system to accurately count the sales amount generated from your website, that means even if someone followed your link to, then left and came back later (within two years) to pay membership, you can still get full credit and we will pay you!

- Room Owner get 40%

If chat user paid for membership or upgrade membership in your chat room, you can get 40% of his consumption.

For example, 10 users paid for yearly VIP membership, that will be $99.95*10=$999.5 in total and you get $400 commission! Membership registration fee: plus: 29.95/year, 6.95$/month. extreme: 49.95$/year, 9.95$/month. vip: 99.95$/year, 19.95$/month.

So if chat users click register or upgrade button or the text ads above the chat input area and register, 40% of all the membership fee will be credited to the room owner's account.

But if you owned a chat room without joining in the affiliate system or just haven't agreed to the agreement, then you won't get 40% for each purchase, what a shame!

* Affiliate Panel

You may launch the affiliate webpage either by clicking "affiliate" button at the "create room" or "my profile" page of It will display the following data if you've already agreed to the agreement, approved commission, pending commission, referred users and their consumption, all consumption within your room, etc.

* Tips to Promote Sales

Share Link

Put the special yeechat link or banner with your affiliate ID on your website, or in email, but no spam will be tolerated.

Affiliate Program

You may leave the "affiliate" function activated in your room to keep the affiliate program running.


You are recommended to translate the introdction of YeeChat to your own language, so that the people in your country may understand the benefits of YeeChat better. That will surely boost the sales.


You can advertise any way you like, Google adwords will be a good choise, or join the webmaster forum to post chat service reviews, to share your great experience with YeeChat, but NO SPAMMING will be tolerated. If you are reported for spamming (unsolicited commercial emailing) with this affiliate program, your affiliate account will be terminated immediately.

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